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Februari 7, 2018

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting means to host your websites on virtual servers, which reside on various physical web servers, connected to each other. In other words, your website is hosted on a cluster of servers what are called ‘Cloud’.

Why Cloud Hosting?

This form of hosting has become a popular choice in the recent years due to the benefits that it offers. The noteworthy aspects are the security, reliability and cost saving. It allows you to focus on your business; resulting in productivity and efficiency increase, by taking over your headaches and handling your website and valuable data with perfection. The best reasons to opt for the cloud hosting are described underneath:



Your website does not rely on one server and having more than one web servers allow you to reduce the risk of downtime of your website in case of a malfunction of a server. In addition, every server is isolated in Cloud hosting which makes sure that the load on one server does not affect another server.

Safety and Security

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Your website data is saved across different servers, hence it remains safe and protected even if any server goes down due to hardware failure or any other reason. Automated backups also ensure that your data stays safe. Moreover, security measures on all the physical servers underlying the cloud keep the data secure.


The availability of resources is not limited to the capacity of one server. Your resources can be reduced or increased as per your requirement anytime. If your website demands extra resource for example because of a sudden increase in visitor traffic or new feature implementation, the resource is available in real time and can be accessed seamlessly.

Load Balancing

The availability of various servers makes the load balancing scalable. The load can be distributed among the servers and can be maintained easily. Due to this, it has the ability to cope with overload conditions and without compromising the speed and performance of your website.


Cost Saving

You have the benefit of flexibility by paying the exact amount of the server resources that you use. If you need more resources from the hosting platform, it can be utilized anytime. Further, if the demand is lower, there is no cost for unused resources.

Future of Cloud Hosting

In the beginning, the cloud hosting was only used by several large enterprises due to the cost factor. However, in the past few years, the pricing for the Cloud hosting has come down which has allowed the medium-scaled enterprises and small business owners to enjoy its benefits too.

In the coming years, we expect the popularity of the cloud hosting to grow. As the time will pass, after realizing how it adds value to the business with cost-effectiveness, high performance, robustness, agility, versatility and flexibility that the cloud hosting offers, it will be the first choice for the users to host their websites.
Written by Malmö Cloud

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